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 You really run a professional service there, but with a personal touch, and there is nothing that we could say that could have been improved. 
Rayner and Trevor
Wedding Reception at The Old Kent Barn
Monday 26 May 2008
Scott Anderson Home
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Wedding Reception at Winters Barns - Thursday 12 November 2015

Hi Rebecca, Caroline and everyone at Scott Anderson Catering,

What can I say, you provided the most wonderful food, perfect service and peace of mind on our special day.

All of our guests have said how amazing the food was, and I have to agree. Everything about the food and service on the day was perfect. Your waiters were wonderful, one guest called them storm trooper service on account of their professionalism and brilliant service. Thanks also for coping so well with our changing tables between each meal, everyone saw how Richard and I were always served first and my guest with special requirements all were impressed with how their received the correct meal without a word.

I cannot find fault in any aspect of your service on our day, and in any of the planning and communication was wonderful.

Thank you for providing such perfection to our day.

All the best and thanks again.

Kathryn and Richard