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 The whole day was delightful - the food THE BEST we've ever had at a wedding 
Private Marquee Wedding Reception at Lynsted
Saturday 20 June 2009
Scott Anderson Home
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Wedding Reception at Winters Barns - Wednesday 19 August 2015


Just wanted to send our thanks to your whole team!

They are impeccable and every guest commented and complimented the level of professionalism and how amazing the food is!!!

The staff went above and beyond their line of duty and ensured me and Michael had a magical day. One girl even brought me my burger with a little plate and tissues all around to ensure k didn't get it on my dress, another girl -young brunette even helped me out of my dress as it was all buttoned and I could not do it myself.

Again thank you for everything. Absolutely spot on in every way and we are so grateful for everything.

Love the new Mr and Mrs Hickson