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 The professionalism of your staff was second to none 
Jon and Julie Clark
Wedding Reception at Winters Barns
Saturday 05 May 2012
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Wedding Reception at Preston Court - Saturday 07 July 2018

Dear Caroline and Amy,

I must thank you so much for all your help in organising the catering for Jocelyn and Ashley's Wedding on Saturday and making it such a huge success.

Please thank all your staff involved on the day, including the chefs for the wonderful food, Frankie the Event Organiser on the day, all the waiters and waitresses who did a marvellous job. They were utterly professional and everyone commented on the fantastic food and service. Many congratulations!

Also Amy and Caroline, thank you for always being available for advice on the phone, or by email.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Many thanks again,

Lorna Goldwin